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Rams COO Kevin Demoff: Steve Spagnuolo deserves a real head coaching chance we couldn’t give him

A slew of offensive and defensive coordinators have been interviewed for head coaching positions since the end of the regular season, but Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo was not one of them.

Spagnuolo has led Kansas City’s defense since 2019, so he’s been a part of three Super Bowl titles and this season’s group was a big reason why the team was able to find its way back to the big game despite struggles. prolonged difficulty finding a consistent offensive attack during the regular season. Spagnuolo was also coordinator for the Giants’ Super Bowl XLII champions, which helped him get a head coaching shot, but it didn’t go well.

Spagnuolo went 10-38 with the Rams from 2009-11, and given his success leading the Chiefs defense, that record appears to be the main reason Spagnuolo hasn’t received more looks . In a response to Tyreek Hill asking on social media why Spagnuolo isn’t getting interviews, Rams COO Kevin Demoff, who took on the role the same year Spagnuolo became coach in St. Louis, wrote that he thought Spagnuolo should be given another chance.

“It is it was about time to see Spags get another head coaching opportunity,” Demoff wrote. “The team and organization he inherited at STL were in disarray, no one could have succeeded. Yet he changed the culture, the personnel and the players. An incredible human who deserves the real chance we couldn’t give him.

The Chiefs took advantage of the lack of interest in Spagnuolo as head coach, as it provided them with continuity that translated into great success on the field. It’s hard to think that the same thing approaching Spagnuolo’s 65th birthday is going to lead to a different view of the league, but we won’t know anything for sure for another year.

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