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Raccoon Invades Field, Avoids Officials Holding Trash Cans During Football Game

American sports may have seen its most epic battle of the year: a single raccoon versus a team of men trying to capture it with trash cans.

The striped-tailed intruder stopped play for nearly two minutes during the Major League Soccer match between the Philadelphia Union and New York City on Wednesday night, sparking a battle of wits and skill with the personnel on the grounds of Subaru Park in Chester, Pennsylvania.

“We need to find him the ball because he plays very well in the center of midfield,” Apple TV commentator Callum Williams said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as bizarre as that, especially considering how long he was on the field,” he added.

A stadium official approached the urban scavenger with the most appropriate improvised capture device – a trash can – but the creature was too quick and fled.

After running most of the way to free himself, a second staff member then attempted to arrest the furry fugitive, before a third man armed with yet another trash can finally managed to capture him.

At this point, the match commentators were rooting for the Raccoon.

“It’s wonderful entertainment. Go ahead, raccoon! You can run away,” Williams said, before adding “Don’t hurt him!” as the plastic prison was finally put in place.

Nicknamed “Raquinho” by some, he now holds the little-disputed record for the most minutes spent on the field by a Raccoon in MLS history, the league said.

Fans were wondering which team would be the first to draft the Raccoon, given his impressive footwork and acceleration. One YouTube commenter claimed he has already shown more promise than any Manchester United striker this season.

The raccoon was picked up by a local pest control company and released into the wild, the Philadelphia union said in a statement. statement about.

Fans have speculated which team would be first to sign the Raccoon, given his impressive footwork and acceleration, with one YouTube commenter claiming he had already shown more promise than any forward in Manchester United this season.

The Raccoon’s appearance did not bode well for the home team: Philadelphia lost the match 2-1, leaving the team in ninth place in the MLS standings after 12 matches.

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