“Put that ref in jail” – Fans fume over grim footage of unconscious fighter having his arm broken

Fans denounce one of the worst cases of referee incompetence.

Viral footage taken on Sunday at a Versus grappling event in Eindhoven, Netherlands, has both infuriated and disgusted MMA fans.

Groten got caught in a nasty submission


Groten was caught in an unpleasant submissionCredit: Versus

Sven Groten was lucky to escape with his limbs still intact when he found himself stuck in a triangle submission during his match against Rene Handel.

The German wrestler immediately pulled his ball away, but the referee missed it and a few moments later he fell completely unconscious. It was clear to everyone.

Unfortunately, the incompetent official missed this as well and Groten’s opponent continued to put pressure on his arm until it appeared to break in two.

Handel looked at the referee hoping for an intervention but there was even more hesitation, which caused the commentators to panic and start shouting “He’s out!”

Eventually the two men were separated and Groten came to his senses.

Footage of the scary incident was viewed by more than a million people on X – formerly known as Twitter – and everyone is blaming the same person for what happened.

One angry fan said: “The referee should be banned and fined. »

Another commented: “Ref was sleeping too. »

A third person added: “Shameful. Hopefully immediately after the ref gets into trouble.

He hit but the referee didn't see it and his arm was dislocated.


He punched but the referee didn’t see it and his arm was dislocated.Credit: Versus
Groten has no hard feelings towards his opponent, but he is not happy with the referee


Groten feels no ill will towards his opponent, but he is unhappy with the refereeCredit: @sven_nogi_jj – instagram

Someone else fumed: “Dawg put that ref in jail OMG. »

Groten has since taken to Instagram to provide fans with an update on his condition and also criticized the referee for not intervening before he was injured.

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“So this sucked,” he wrote alongside a photo showing his injured arm.

“I was choked and my elbow dislocated. No bone damage, more information to come.

“I am in the hands of the best health professionals. Thank you to the Versus Events team for their attention and for the help provided to everyone individually. The referee, however, failed miserably.

“There is absolutely no reproach to my opponent René Handel, you were better yesterday. I’ll crush you next time we compete. It is a promise.

“I’ll come back. Better.”


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