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Punk received a congratulatory gift from MSG and Jericho after WWE in-ring return

CM Punk competed in his first WWE match in nearly a decade last night (December 26) during the company’s annual post-Christmas visit to New York’s Madison Square Garden. It became the talk of the wrestling web, with videos or photos of everything Punk – and his opponent Dominik Mysterio, his opponent Mamí Rhea Ripley, the crowd, other members of the roster – did or said, being shared and discussed on social networks. .and sites like this.

A few of these in particular caught our attention, starting with one of the comments on WWE’s Instagram regarding Punk’s entry into MSG…

It’s nice to see Chris Jericho celebrating the accomplishments of a former colleague, regardless of how things went between them the last time they worked together. It’s just a little strange to see that Jericho was on another social media platform, claiming to have witnessed Punk’s “disgusting” behavior about 48 hours earlier. Anyway…

Equally enjoyable but less nerve-wracking is another moment shared by WWE, this one featuring Garden representatives giving Punk a personalized gift. Overall, the engraved plaque commemorating his return to this iconic venue is a nice little honor for a guy whose respect for professional wrestling has been evident since his return in 2021. Personally, as someone who is also a gift awkward reception, this might also be the most I’ve ever identified with Punk:

Feel free to share your favorite tidbits about Punk’s return to the WWE ring at the Garden in the comments below.

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