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Progressives rebuke Hillary Clinton for her transgender warnings

A pro-transgender political army of 150 progressive groups rejects any compromise with ordinary Americans, just days after Hillary Clinton warned Democrats they risked a catastrophic political defeat to Donald Trump in 2024.

The “Open Letter Supporting the Full Inclusion of Transgender Youth and All LGBTQI+ Youth” was released on June 22 and stated:

we call for the full inclusion, protection and celebration of transgender and non-binary youth, including access to extracurricular activities such as athletics and school facilities, safe and inclusive school environments, accurate curriculum and inclusive and gender-affirming school health services.

The Progressives’ letter does not mention Clinton, nor does it argue for their groundbreaking transgender claim, which has already helped bring about irreversible events. physical trauma to many young women and men in difficulty.

Instead, the letter defames public opposition as “bigoted, ignorant, mean-spirited and discriminatory policies.” [which are] currently considered by far too many state legislatures.

But the letter was released five days after Clinton warned Democrats that their transgender push could help re-elect Trump.

On June 17, the FinancialTimes posted the text of an interview with Clinton.

“The Democrats seem to be doing everything they can to lose the election by elevating militant causes, including the transgender debate, which only concern a small minority: what sense does it make to portray JK Rowling as a fascist? ” asked the reporter.

“We are about to lose our democracy and then everything everyone cares about is going out the window,” Clinton replied, adding:

Listen, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so scary that anything that doesn’t help you win shouldn’t be a priority.

Progressives reacted harshly to Clinton’s warning — even though Clinton repeatedly voted for transgender ideology when she was a senator.

“Sacrificing trans people to fascists is not acceptable and I will not support a party that does this,” said a tweet from “Jimmy Smutek :):).

Our rights are not up for debate,” said a tweet of “@andria_dev. “To stop attacks against transgender people is to stop fascism. To ignore these attacks is to be complicit in fascism.

The fight over the issue mirrors common battles over ideology versus eligibility, Natasha Chart, a leading feminist voice against transgender ideology, told Breitbart News:

There are people who are primarily concerned with getting elected and making change, including Hillary Clinton, and those people know that if you’re not representing voters, you’re not going to get elected, and you’re not going to get elected. aren’t going to get to pass policies.

But this is not necessarily the mission of progressive activists. Their primary mission — from what I’ve observed over the past few years — is primarily to recruit people into extremist positions that aren’t popular with voters and then take over the electoral apparatus for that cause. so that there really is no choice [during elections] …

[They will tell voters] “Where else are you going to go? You disagree with these other people [Trump] so much so – which we are also going to tell you are fascists who are going to round you up and put you in camps – that you cannot vote for them. It would be like voting for the fascists. So you must stay with us.

“Coalition politics is probably the best way to refer to it – I think you could also probably call it moral blackmail,” Chart added.

Progressive groups do not suggest their cause – opposition to public acknowledgment of gender differences – is popular among swing voters.

“If they knew it was popular, or if they knew it was true, they would present evidence, but they don’t,” Chart said.

Instead, progressives are making a stark ideological statement on behalf of the roughly 1% of the population who claim to live as members of the opposite sex — regardless of the impact on the 99% of voters and children. normal:

We support the full inclusion, protection and celebration of transgender youth, including access to school facilities and extracurricular activities such as athletics, gender-affirming care and inclusive curriculum, because all young people deserve safe environments, healthy and inclusive. Transgender and non-binary youth deserve the chance to succeed and thrive like any other child.

In practice, the transgender agenda requires an intrusive government willing to punish any individual, civic, or legal recognition of biological differences between women and men, mothers and fathers, or boys and girls.

Multiple polls show that transgender demand is deeply unpopular, especially in athletic and K-12 schools, and especially among suburban women who would rather vote for the Democratic Party’s civic and economic policies. The issue helped the GOP win the governorship of Virginia in 2021 and is increasingly being touted by House GOP campaigns.

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