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Pro-Kremlin Texan Russell Bentley found dead in Ukraine

The missing American who traveled to Ukraine years ago to help Russian separatists in Donbass has been found dead in the country’s war-torn eastern region.

The body of Russell Bentley, a 64-year-old US Army veteran, was found in the Russian-controlled Donetsk Oblast region, Reuters reported.

Between 2014 and 2017, Bentley – a self-described communist from Austin, Texas – fought alongside pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

Bentley never returned to the United States after traveling to Ukraine in 2014. Instagram @bentleyrussell
American Russell Bentley, seen posing in Ukraine, traveled to the country to fight alongside Russian separatists in 2014. Instagram @bentleyrussell
Bentley, an Austin native, obtained Russian citizenship and even married a bride. Instagram @bentleyrussell

It had not taken part in combat since the large-scale invasion in February 2022.

The former drug addict, who used “Texas” as his military call sign, left behind a yoga teacher girlfriend to travel to Ukraine.

He used crowdfunding sites to finance his trip and has since become a Russian citizen.

He also married after moving to Ukraine, where he began working as a journalist for the state-run Sputnik news agency.

Margarita Simonyan, director of Russian state media RT, confirmed Bentley’s death on Friday, stressing that he “fought there for our guys.”

Simonyan did not reveal how Bentley died.

It remains unclear how Bentley was killed. Instagram @bentleyrussell
Reformed pot smoker describes himself as a communist Instagram @bentleyrussell

Conflicting reports suggest that Bentley was kidnapped by Russian soldiers and killed, possibly because they believed he was an American spy.

On social networksunsubstantiated allegations circulated that Bentley had been raped before his murder and had either been shot eight times in the head or decapitated.

Bentley reportedly disappeared while helping victims of a Ukrainian strike on Donetsk.

Two years ago, Bentley was featured in a Rolling Stone article titled “The Bizarre Story of How a Hardcore Texas Leftist Became a Front-Line Putin Propagandist.”

Some unconfirmed reports suggest he was beheaded. Instagram @bentleyrussell

For years, Bentley operated a YouTube channel which was banned in 2022.

Describing himself as “the cowboy of Donbass”, he shared his views on the ongoing fighting between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian army.

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