Posen Carnival abruptly stopped due to ‘big fight’ – NBC Chicago

A large brawl that resulted in several arrests brought a premature end to a suburban carnival, marking the latest in a series of carnival cancellations in the Chicago area due to safety concerns.

Posen police said shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday that officers were working to disperse the crowd after a “large fight” broke out, the second such incident to take place at the carnival since it began. As a result, officials said “we have made the difficult decision to close the facility for the safety of all participants.”

“Posen police officers responded quickly to the incident and are currently working diligently to disperse the crowd and restore order. Several arrests have been made in connection with the altercation,” police said in a notice to residents. “We would like to thank all surrounding police departments who assisted our officers during this incident.”

Police urged residents to avoid the area around the carnival “to allow our officers to manage the situation effectively and ensure everyone’s safety.” The event was scheduled to run until 10 p.m. on Sunday.

This is the second large-scale brawl reported around the suburban carnival in a matter of days.

Thursday evening, around twenty minors were “involved in disturbances after leaving the carnival grounds,” police said.

“During this incident, a loaded handgun was recovered from one of the juveniles’ backpacks,” police said. “This individual was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and transported to the juvenile detention center.”

Following the brawl, officers implemented new security measures at the carnival, including bag checks and the removal of “ninja-style masks.”

In April, two suburban carnivals were canceled due to fights and security concerns.

The Lake in the Hills carnival was shut down due to disruptive crowds and reports of fights, and the Huntley, Citius Illinois Baseball and More Brewing carnival, which was scheduled to take place in May, was canceled due to “disaster issues.” logistics and security” not specified.

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