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Portland woman identifies man shot by police at 205 mall as her son: ‘He’s someone’s child’

Tyrone Johnson II’s mother identified her son as the man fatally shot by three Portland police officers as they attempted to arrest him on multiple arrest warrants at the 205 Mall.

Two sources with knowledge of the case, including a law enforcement official, confirmed to The Oregonian/OregonLive that Johnson was the man shot and killed Wednesday afternoon outside the mall.

Police described Johnson as an “armed suspect” and released a photo showing a gun officers said was found next to his body after he was shot around 3:30 p.m.

Security video obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive shows a man in jeans and a green jacket walking past a computer repair shop toward a nearby MAX stop as two police cars stop on 96th Avenue South -East. The man disappears from frame as a police officer gets out of a patrol car and raises a handgun. At least eight shots ring out.

[WATCH: Surveillance footage shows Portland police shooting at Mall 205]

Johnson’s mother, Tonya Portis, said she spoke with several of her son’s friends who were waiting for Johnson outside the Target store where police said he was spotted shoplifting.

Citing his friends’ version of events, Portis said Johnson was shot while sprinting toward the station platform. The mother said the medical examiner’s office informed her that her son had been killed, but she had otherwise not been contacted by authorities.

In a tearful interview less than 24 hours after his son’s death, Portis questioned why officers didn’t use Tasers or fire rubber bullets during the incident. She acknowledged her son’s criminal history, but said it did not justify the use of deadly force.

“I’m not saying in any way that my son was an angel, but he is someone’s child,” she said. “But if he’s running away from you, why are you shooting?”

Police have not released a detailed account of what happened and declined to release new information Thursday. At a news conference at the scene Wednesday, police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Allen said whether officers use non-lethal tools such as Tasers depends on the situation.

“When someone is armed with a gun, it increases our concern for our own safety,” Allen said.

Portis noted that her son was black and added that his friends in the car, who were arrested and then released, were white. An Oregonian/OregonLive analysis of police shootings in Portland between 2003 and 2020 found that those shot were disproportionately Black.

Most of the people shot by police during this period were carrying guns or knives. None of the more than five dozen officers who pulled the trigger in the shooting have been disciplined or indicted by a grand jury.

Police have not determined why the three officers opened fire Wednesday. A statement from the office said the shooting occurred after a “confrontation” with the suspect.

Tyrone L. Johnson II

Johnson, who was born and raised in Portland and had recently been living on the streets, had been released to a residential treatment program in June. He stopped participating in the program after two days, according to a probation report.

His failure to attend treatment or communicate with a parole officer led to arrest warrants for three of Johnson’s prior convictions: felon in possession of a weapon in 2022, second-degree robbery in 2015, and assault. made to the second degree in 2013.

“Mr. Johnson sabotaged a golden opportunity to check into drug treatment to address his long history of substance abuse,” Multnomah County Probation Officer Thanh Vu wrote in the June report activating the warrants. stop.

Johnson served a 6 1/2 year sentence for robbery in 2021, but he found himself behind bars at the downtown Portland prison in 2022 after Gresham police were called to his apartment. girlfriend in February, which led to a standoff, according to the probation report.

He had recently been taken into custody after violating his probation by contacting his ex-girlfriend in May, according to the report.

Oregonian/OregonLive reporters Yesenia Amaro, Shane Dixon Kavanaugh and Gosia Wozniacka contributed to this report.

-Zane Sparling; zsparling@oregonian.com ; 503-319-7083; @pdxzane

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