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Portland Police Shoot, Kill Armed Suspect Near 205 Mall During Robbery Call

Portland police said three of their officers opened fire Wednesday afternoon, killing an armed robbery suspect on a sidewalk near the 205 Mall.

Police said they were called shortly after 3:30 p.m. to a department store at the 205 Mall in the 9800 block of Southeast Washington Street.

Police were notified that a suspect in a previous robbery was attempting to steal items from the store. There was an active arrest warrant for the suspect, police said.

As the suspect left the store, police attempted to arrest him in the parking lot, but he fled.

Police said there was a confrontation between the suspect and officers near Southeast 96th Avenue, on the west side of the mall parking lot, and officers opened fire.

The suspect died at the scene.

Police said they found a handgun next to the suspect.

Police Chief Bob Day responded to the scene.

“The use of deadly force by police always has a significant impact on members of the police bureau, the family of the person involved and our entire community,” he said in a press release. “I look forward to learning more about this incident once detectives have had time to conduct a full and thorough investigation, and I want to assure the community that we will share more about the circumstances as soon as possible. But knowing that the suspect was armed reminds us of the dangers of police work. It has been a difficult week during which members of the Bureau have investigated homicides and multiple fatal accidents, and I am grateful for the professional work performed by members of the PPB.

Two of the officers who fired their weapons were members of the Targeted Response Team. The other came from the East district.

A KATU reporter who arrived at the scene said the shooting happened near the Target and T-Mobile stores. Police were seen inside the T-Mobile store. There was also an ambulance in front.

Police cordoned off a large area.

Most of the 205 shopping center parking lot is closed.

Traffic is disrupted in the area.

Police closed Southeast 96th Avenue between Southeast Washington Street and Southeast Main Street.

As more information becomes available, this story will be updated.

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