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Popular emulator changes logo after Adobe sends legal threat

The people behind the extremely popular iOS retro gaming emulatorDelta, were forced to quickly change the app’s logo after receiving legal threats from Adobe and warnings from Apple.

On April 7, Apple has changed the rules of its App Store and began allowing retro video game emulators on its digital storefront. In just a few days, some of the most popular apps in the App Store were emulators. One of these new applications pull up the charts is the Delta multi-console emulator, which has a history of ten years. Its creator, Riley Testut, recently spoke with Kotaku, sharing his hopes that the emulator can lead the charge towards a new and better future for retro gaming. But before all that happens, Delta will need to come up with a new logo.

As reported The edge, On May 17, the Delta emulator on iOS was updated to version 1.5.4. And in the patch notes for this update, there’s a message that Adobe, the company behind Photoshop and Premiere, has sent Delta a legal threat.

“Adobe threatened legal action unless we changed our app icon – which we did!” I hope you all like it,” the Delta developer explained in the patch notes.

An image shows the two logos next to each other. .

Picture: Adobe/Delta/Kotaku

Testut spoke to The edge about the situation, explaining that everything happened very quickly in a few emails. It all started on May 7, when Adobe’s lawyers sent Testut a “strong” but “kindly written” email asking Delta to change its icon, explaining that the emulator might “not want to confuse consumers or violate Adobe’s rights or the law.”

But before Testut could respond, the next day, Apple emailed Delta and suggested that the emulator could be in danger after being contacted by Adobe, which alleged that Delta was violating its IP address.

“We responded to Apple and Adobe explaining that our icon was a stylized Greek letter delta, not an A, but that we would update the Delta logo anyway to avoid confusion,” Testut said. The edge.

The current Delta icon on the App Store is now only temporary. The plan is to launch a new permanent logo in the future alongside update 1.6. As the outlet pointed out, Delta’s old icon most closely resembled the icon for Adobe’s Cloud Experience app. Since the 1980s, most Adobe logos and branding have included a stylized A with a space, a design that resembles the old, now-defunct Delta icon.

Let’s hope Delta’s next icon has nothing in common with another giant, litigious corporation.

News Source : kotaku.com
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