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Policeman shoots gun at man on horseback in Ballpark Village |  Saint-Louis news headlines

ST. LOUIS ( – A strange showdown in Ballpark Village last weekend has been caught on camera. Police attempted to arrest a man riding a horse on Ballpark Village property and during the incident an officer drew his gun and pointed it at the rider.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is not disclosing any details of what happened. But the ministry said it was aware of the incident and an internal investigation is underway. Sources said a police officer on leave who had a side job providing security at Ballpark Village confronted a man who was riding a horse in the Together Credit Union Plaza neighborhood. The man, who was riding shirtless but not bareback, refused to leave.

In the video, the officer walks towards the suspect and when the suspect appears to be moving the horse towards the officer, the officer can be seen pulling out his gun and pointing it at the rider. Then the officer can be seen putting his gun away and trying to pull the man off the horse, presumably to stop him. But as the man resists, the officer draws his weapon again. News 4 showed the video to some Ballpark Village customers on Tuesday night.

“Curious how the horse got into town,” said John Bland.

“I think it’s crazy,” said Darrell Olson.

“It is also worrying to see the reaction of the police. It looks like he could have handled it in a calmer way,” said Kevin Sticht.

Sources said the officer had cause for concern as the horse rider had a large iron on his hip. Once the officer dismounts the rider from the horse, he can be seen in the video continuing to resist. The video ends with the suspect running away on foot, holding the reins of the horse as he trotted behind him.

Police did not say if they finally parked the suspect and what happened to the horse.

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