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Police respond to ‘rumors’ in Elijah Vue investigation – NBC Chicago

Editor’s note: The video in the player above is from a previous report regarding the disappearance of Elijah Vue.

It’s been nearly three months since little Elijah Vue of Wisconsin disappeared in a mystery that continues to make headlines, but in a recent update, authorities said that while Elijah was still missing, they wanted dispel certain “rumors” about the affair.

In a social media post last week, Captain Andrew Raatz of the Two River Police Department said the search for Elijah continued, but allegations that the department prevented a particular group from participating in the search efforts research is false.

“Recently, rumors have spread, primarily on social media, that we have not allowed an organization called Midwest EquuSearch to participate in search efforts. This is incorrect, misleading and serves to distract us from our efforts to find Elijah,” Raatz said. . “We have been in contact with many volunteer search organizations, as we work hand in hand to coordinate our efforts. In our conversation with EquuSearch, we used their expertise and they confirmed that we currently use the best technology and the best resources available.”

Raatz said that “at no time has any local, state or federal agency refused any volunteer organization to participate in a search” and noted that many other groups have taken part in the massive efforts.

“We have actively requested and encouraged the assistance of volunteers. References to past press releases and news reports clearly attest to our call for volunteers. The only restrictions placed on volunteer groups participating in any research have been respect for property private, which is the same restriction we have as law enforcement,” Raatz wrote.

EquuSearch Midwest also weighed in on the post, saying it “has been in contact with the Two Rivers Police Department regarding Elijah Vue.”

“While we appreciate everyone’s support of our organization’s search capabilities, after speaking with law enforcement, they used search efforts and resources that our team would have used,” the group said. “Please be assured that they continue to investigate Elijah’s disappearance and have assured us that if our assistance is needed, they will contact us to help bring Elijah home. This is a heartbreaking situation, and if he please remember that everyone wants Elijah to come home.

Two Rivers police said they have remained in contact with Elijah’s family regarding the search.

Efforts to find Elijah have recently included searches with canine units and Questrian resources, Raatz said. Investigators are still reviewing “an extremely large amount of video” and data.

Earlier this month, authorities expanded their search for the missing 3-year-old by encouraging participation in “coordinated, legally authorized search efforts.”

The Two Rivers Police Department said investigators found no sign of the small child after conducting additional aerial searches and inspecting manholes.

No major developments have occurred since mid-March, when a blanket belonging to the small child was found about 6 km from where he was last seen.

Elijah was last seen in late February, when the 3-year-old disappeared from an apartment where he was staying with his mother’s boyfriend, Jesse Vang. Elijah’s mother, Katrina Baur, told police she left the 3-year-old with Vang several days earlier because she wanted him to teach her son “how to be a man,” and that she intended to pick him up on February 23. according to a criminal complaint.

The day Elijah disappeared, Vang called police and reported the boy missing, telling officers he had taken a nap and taken the 3-year-old into the bedroom with him. But when he woke up about three hours later, the small child was missing, according to court documents.

Baur and Vang were both accused of child neglect, but no charges have been filed in connection with Elijah’s disappearance.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have teamed up to offer a $40,000 reward for information leading to Elijah’s return and/or his arrest and conviction for his disappearance.

NBC Chicago

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