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Police officers who pepper sprayed elderly lockdown protester under investigation

Police officers who pepper sprayed an elderly woman in the face while she was lying on the ground are under investigation, Australian police confirmed.

During an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne on September 18, Victoria Police made more than 200 arrests and widely used pepper spray as protesters refused to comply with the city’s stay-at-home orders, crossing finally a police line.

In images shared on social media, a woman in her 60s was seen pushed to the ground by police officers, who then sprayed capsicum spray directly on her face while lying on her back .

The apparent example of police brutality has become a symbol of Australia’s strict lockdown policies during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

While the woman has so far refused to cooperate with the investigation, the local force told Daily Mail Australia that a command investigation into professional standards is underway and will consider whether the officers involved should be subject disciplinary action.

The Mail also reported that several other cases of alleged police violence during anti-lockdown protests are also under investigation.

Three days after the protest in which the elderly woman was pepper-sprayed, a series of protests led by union workers sprang up in Melbourne, after vaccination warrants were offered for construction sites.

Following the protest – which once again saw heated altercations between police and protesters – Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton justified the use of pepper spray and rubber bullets because the police “cannot allow this kind of driving to continue.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart London last week, the influential 1922 chairman of the UK’s all-Conservative MPs committee, Sir Graham Brady, said Australia’s “heavy” lockdown regime was not working .

“We have to learn to live with [the coronavirus], taking reasonable precautions – but locking down any longer and closing international borders doesn’t work, ”Brady said.

“We saw that Australia was effectively closed for 18 months to international travel, and they got the Delta variant as well. So I think that just illustrates the common sense that we need to find a different way to deal with Covid, ”he added.

Melbourne, which remains under strict home lockdown, has seen more days of lockdown than any other city in the world during the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Along with the closures, Australian citizens have been subjected to curfews, quarantine camps and even the government has placed limits on the amount of alcohol people can have delivered to their homes.

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