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Police confirm bow and arrow killer converted to Islam

Police have confirmed the man suspected of killing five people and injuring two with bow and arrows in Kongsberg, Norway, was a convert to Islam who had been flagged down by authorities for radicalization concerns before the attack.

At a press conference Thursday, Police Chief Ole B. Sæverud confirmed that the suspect in the murder of five people and the injuries of two others on Wednesday evening is a 37-year-old Danish citizen known to police. The attack took place in the center of Kongberg, 80 kilometers southwest of the Norwegian capital Oslo, and several of the victims were assaulted in a Coop Extra supermarket. Authorities believe he was acting alone.

“We are talking about a convert to Islam,” Police Chief Sæverud said, adding that although they have not received any reports related to radicalization this year, “there have been reports before. , and these were followed up “.

The victims have not been formally identified, but according to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) they were four women and a man, aged 50 to 70. The broadcaster also said he was aware that the accused had been convicted on several occasions before, including that he had received a restraining order for a sixth month against two members of his family after threatening to kill his father. .

Norwegian tabloid Verdens gang (VG) reports that the suspect is a Danish citizen who has lived in Norway all his life and has not worked since the early 2000s. The newspaper also claims that a family member had been in regular contact with the police in about their concerns and had attempted to contact other authorities.

Family member said VG he believed the suspect was “mentally ill” and “should have been in a closed room a long time ago”.

The man has since been charged with murder. Police lawyer Ann Irén Svane Mathiassen told NRK officials questioned the man, who admitted his guilt, but declined to disclose whether a motive had been established.

Stating that the suspect had been cooperative, Ms Mathiassen said: “He explained what had happened and what he had done. He admitted the circumstances of what happened and said he was the one who had committed the acts.

The lawyer also said the suspect had used other weapons, details of which she also would not have disclosed at the time of the press conference.

Police chief Sæverud said they were still examining whether the case was an act of terrorism, saying: “We are, among other things, investigating whether it could be an act of terrorism.”

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