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Pokémon Player Scarlet & Violet Explains How to Get a Smeargle Without a ‘Useless’ Type

Noelle Corbett

A Pokémon Scarlet and Purple player found a way to give Smeargle a completely typeless move – even though it’s definitely not worth it.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s The Indigo Disk DLC brings Smeargle back to the main series games.

This of course means the return of its exclusive move Sketch, which allows the Painter Pokémon to learn almost every move in the game. Smeargle’s unique ability allows for otherwise impossible move combinations that can have interesting effects on game mechanics .

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One player even found a way to make Smeargle deal completely typeless damage.

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Smeargle’s exclusive Sketch move allows him to become ???

Reddit user WhiteFox1992 explained how to make Smeargle typeless, calling it the “useless fact of the day.”

For context, the poster refers to the lack of type as “???-type” in reference to a sort type used for the Curse move in Generations 2-4.

By using Sketch to learn Conversion, Double Shock, and Revelation Dance, Smeargle can become Electric-type, then lose its type entirely. After that, the Revelation Dance move (which deals damage based on the user’s primary type) will be typeless.

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Proving that it is not Normal-type but completely typeless, the poster states: “it deals neutral damage to Rock, Steel, and Ghost, and does not trigger Normal Gem.”

Since the moves in question are all exclusive to certain Pokémon or evolutionary lines, Smeargle is the only one who can learn all three.

While this is theoretically an interesting strategy, completely bypassing the type to deal neutral damage to any Pokémon, the poster points out a huge problem: Smeargle’s terrible stats.

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Revelation Dance is a special move, and given that Smeargle’s base special attack is only 20, he won’t be able to do much damage even with a 90 power move that presumably has an attack bonus of the same type.

While this isn’t really a viable strategy, it’s still an interesting use of Smeargle’s special abilities that some players may want to try for themselves.

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