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Pokemon Go Players Discover Huge Trick for Getting Guaranteed Critical Catches

Kurt Perry

The Pokemon Go community has stumbled upon a potentially meta-definitive trick that allows for a guaranteed critical catch on every Pokeball thrown.

Usually, catching a Pokemon in Pokemon Go is a game of luck that can be influenced by skill. Although a catch is rarely guaranteed, a well-timed throw greatly increases the chances of success.

However, it is possible to get lucky and receive a critical catch, indicated by a unique animation of a star emerging from the Pokeball. These are rare but effectively allow trainers to completely bypass a Pokémon’s catch rate.

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For years, we thought it was pure luck. But recently, a trainer discovered a method to achieve a critical hold at any time.

Newly Discovered Pokemon Go Critical Catch Trick Is Huge

Pokemon Go players have discovered an apparent meta-definition trick that guarantees a critical capture every time it’s successful. The whole trick is to throw a Pokeball and land it in the smallest circle possible, which will always catch the targeted Pokémon with a critical capture.

Believing they had stumbled upon something huge, a coach tested it and found it to be true: “I’m not going to beat around the bush, so I’m just going to say my controversial statement: critical catches can be guaranteed. »

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“I have spent the last few weeks testing this as I had my suspicions based on some recent captures. Bottom line, after all my testing: if you make a great throw at a Pokémon in the smallest circle possible, it will guarantee a critical capture,” they explained while revealing the method.

Others expected to quickly disprove the theory, but were instead stunned: “I instinctively didn’t believe it, but I had a bunch of (Pokémon) tasks in the bank to test.” Even though I wasn’t good at it, I had 4 excellent ones that I was sure were as small as I thought they were, and it really worked every time.

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Following this, others were quick to test the trick and found similar results, responding: “Oh wow. I just made a great throw with the smallest circle and it was a critical catch. That’s good to know” and “I thought it was just another rumor on a playground, but after trying I already got 15 critical captures in 4 hours. »

However, a new update on the Critical Catch phenomenon on December 27 revealed that this method might not be as foolproof as previously thought.

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On Pokémon Go player who encountered Regigas after a raid attempted this method, but failed to bring back the legendary.

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