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Planning the future of Bank of America Stadium

For nearly 30 years, Bank of America Stadium has been a place where Panthers fans, and more recently Charlotte FC fans and music lovers, come together to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Today, this decades-old place must evolve to meet the needs of the future.

Tepper Sports & Entertainment and the City of Charlotte have proposed a partnership for a long-term agreement that would modernize Bank of America Stadium, retaining this important community asset in its prime downtown location. This renovation will enhance the fan and player experience, modernize infrastructure and continue to bring world-class sports and entertainment to Charlotte and the region for years to come, while generating billions in economic impact for the city.

“Bank of America Stadium has been a special place for our Panthers, and now Charlotte FC, fans for nearly 30 years,” said Carolina Panthers team president Kristi Coleman. “While Bank of America Stadium has solid infrastructure, investments are necessary to ensure our decades-old venue continues to provide the best experience for our players, fans and community.”

News Source : www.panthers.com
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