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Pierce Brosnan cited for walking out of bounds at Yellowstone

The limitless world of Yellowstone National Park wasn’t enough for actor Pierce Brosnan.

The actor known for playing James Bond received a citation for “traveling on foot in a thermal area” in the Wyoming park, according to the court citation reviewed by The Times.

According to the National Park Service’s Yellowstone safety website, park visitors should “always walk on designated boardwalks and trails.” Thermal formations can be very dangerous, with hot spring water “causing serious or fatal burns”, and boiling water beneath “much of the thin brittle crust around hot springs”.

The violation occurred on November 1, with the park official citing 36 CFR 7.13(j) of the Yellowstone National Park Code of Regulations. The subsection, titled “trail travel,” states that “travel on foot in all thermal areas and within Yellowstone Canyon between Upper Falls and Inspiration Point shall be limited to boardwalks or trails maintained for such movement and marked by official signs. .”

Representatives for Brosnan did not respond to The Times’ request for comment due to the holiday.

The 2.22 million-acre park is notable, in part, for its more than 10,000 thermal geographic features, including geysers, hot springs and steam vents.

Brosnan is scheduled to appear in a U.S. District Court in Wyoming on Jan. 23. The actor filmed the movie “Unholy Trinity,” which also stars Samuel L. Jackson and David Arquette, at a nearby location in Montana.

Yellowstone’s thermal characteristics have led to the deaths of more than 20 people since 1890, according to NBC News.

Earlier this year, a Michigan man suffered thermal burns after wandering into a restricted area in Yellowstone while under the influence. The man faces federal criminal charges for the incident and has pleaded not guilty. In a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Wyoming, the man was deemed “a danger to himself or others.”

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