Pepsi unveils futuristic “smart cans”

Pepsi unveils futuristic “smart cans”

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Technology and innovation go hand in hand, and today we can see the best use of it in every possible sector, including the food industry. From packaged food companies to restaurants and fast food chains, we see people experimenting with advanced technologies for smooth workflow and a better user experience. A recent example is Pepsi’s latest innovation: the Smart Can. The brand visited the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity platform to preview the new experience. Continue reading.

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Pepsi Smart Cans Features: What’s so special about Pepsi Smart Cans?

Mauro Porcini, senior vice president and chief design officer of PepsiCo, took to social media to learn more about the brand’s futuristic experience. “Let me introduce our new PEPSI SMART CAN, a CAN-vas for creativity,” he said, adding that it will unveil new ways of telling stories and accessing new experiences, especially for the new generation of people, who are “thirsty for more”.

According to an official release, each of these smart cans is wrapped in a high-definition 3D flexible display and contains its SIM card. This feature allows the company to tailor and personalize device content according to individual preferences. “We can bring our product, our brand and our message together in an incredibly innovative way,” says Mark Kirkham, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of international beverages at PepsiCo.

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According to reports, PepsiCo’s initial plan is to offer these Smart Cans to a small, select group of consumers around the world. The brand concludes by specifying that further details on this subject will be announced in the “coming months”.

If you had the chance, would you add one of these smart Pepsi cans to your gadget collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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