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Parents are shocked at teen sex in “Sex and the City” reboot

Sex and the city? More like sex in the bedroom of childhood.

Fans of HBO’s beloved series were shocked when they tuned in for the reboot, “And just like that…” last Thursday, and saw the next generation getting on with it. Brady Hobbes – the now 17-year-old son of Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda (played by Niall Cunningham) – is in a hot and heavy relationship with his high school girlfriend, Luisa (Cree Cicchino). In an effort to go with the flow, Miranda and her husband Steve have decided to let Luisa sleep regularly – and face serious consequences.

“I stepped on a used condom in Brady’s room this morning,” Miranda confesses to Carrie and Charlotte during a brunch, moments from the premiere of “And Just Like That …”. When her friends don’t react with enough horror, she adds, “Wait, I was barefoot back then.”

In “And Just Like That …”, Miranda and Steve deal with their sexually active teenage son, Brady, who can’t keep his hands off his girlfriend, Luisa.

Elizabeth Trinca said she immediately phoned her two sisters after seeing this “oh god damn no” scenario unfold.

“I couldn’t believe Miranda was just allowing this to happen while she was at home and getting her used protection back,” Trinca told the Post. “As a teenager you must have respect for your parents.”

Long Island mother-of-two Elizabeth Trinca said she would never allow her children to have cheeky sex in the house.
Elizabeth Trinca, a mother of two from Long Island, said she would never allow her children to have sex in the house.

Indeed, the Long Island mother-of-two said she would never sanction this kind of behavior from her young son when he is older. “I don’t want to hear my son having sex. Do it when I’m not home.

But other moms say they see the wisdom in Miranda’s permissive parenthood.

“It’s not just a TV storyline – it’s a major reality check,” said Robin Gorman Newman, who has an 18-year-old son. “My trainer would tell me how the kids rented his gym to throw parties and how they had to stand guard in the bathroom while the teens tried to have sex in the bathroom. It’s a thing.

The founder of MotherhoodLater.com in Long Island said that even though she forces her son to keep her bedroom door open when his girlfriend is at home, she ultimately would rather he have sex at home than in a random and potentially dangerous setting. “You don’t really know what’s going on with your child… If teens want to have sex, they’re going to find a place to do it. ”

Kimberly King, a certified early childhood education teacher and mother of three, agreed that’s the big advantage of a liberal privacy policy with teens.

“Your child will not enter public or private property [if they’re having sex at home]”The king said.” They will not be accused of disturbing the peace or making love in public. They will not have sex in the car, “she said, adding that it could also be a good opportunity to talk about “respect and limits”.

However, she cautions that pitfalls can arise, especially if there are younger siblings. “It can set a bad example for other children in the house,” she said.

Little Brady, now 17 and apparently an adult, has sex and leaves used condoms at home on "SATC" to restart, "And just like that ..."
Little Brady, now 17 and apparently an adult, has sex and leaves used condoms on the floor in the “SATC” reboot, “And just like that …”
Craig blankenhorn

This is precisely what happened when Christine Rose, a mother of four on Long Island, attempted to turn the other cheek to the activity coming from her son’s bedroom downstairs.

One day she said her 6 year old son was standing by the steps and exclaimed, “OMG, Danny’s bed is shaking very badly.”

“We all knew he was probably having sex with his girlfriend,” Rose said.

Yet she maintains her choice to let him explore her love life under her roof. “You have to be realistic as a parent today,” she said. “There really isn’t much they can do to upset me. Teens will have sex and drink – you have to be real with them.

Yet for author Lisa Milbrand, Miranda lets things get a little too real in her Brooklyn brownstone.

Mother of four, Lauren Schmid would never let her children have sex under her roof: "Not a chance in hell.  Nor am I about to create opportunities to become an early grandmother."
The mother of four, Lauren Schmid, would never let her children have sex under her roof: “This is no luck in hell.”

“Set limits for yourself already, Miranda,” she wrote in a blog for Parents Online. “Like – maybe not leave Brady’s girlfriend [sleep over] if you are not comfortable with it? Even the coolest moms I know would definitely kill him in the bud.

A mom of four, Lauren Schmid doesn’t care if she doesn’t look cool on her period.

Would she ever let her tweens sleep with their partners at home, like Miranda and Steve? “Absolutely not fucking. It’s one thing for teens to have sex, but acting like that in my house where I pay the bills? Absolutely not. It’s so disrespectful. Not a chance in hell. I don’t. neither am I about to create opportunities to become a precocious grandmother. ”

The former New Yorker – who now lives in South Carolina – said to avoid confusion, she maintains rock-solid ground rules. “No boys or girls in the bedrooms – only hang out in the family room.”

Schmid said what was good enough for her as a teenager was good enough for her children. “I mean, I was that age and I would have died if someone’s parents had heard or seen me like that. I did the right thing and I sneaked in[ed] about.”

Additional reporting by Lambeth Hochwald

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