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Palworld has lost more than 40% of its Xbox players in the last two weeks

Palworld launched Game Pass via Game Preview less than a month ago, and has since broken records and hit frequent sales milestones. It has already managed to become the biggest third-party Game Pass launch of all time and has been confirmed at the same time. having been played by over seven million players on Xbox. Today, however, our data shows that Palworld has lost approximately 41% of its Xbox players over the past two weeks. It’s rare for an item to take the top two spots in Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Minecraft for long, and Palworld has had just two weeks at the top spot in our rankings – our latest gameplay chart of popular Xbox games (for the week ending on February 11) sees him relegated to third place.

For context, our chart uses gameplay data from over 2.4 million active Xbox accounts (not just TrueAchievements members either!) and Palworld falling to third place in this latest chart comes with a drop by 27.325% of the number of Xbox players in the last week alone.

As the game currently stands, there are only ten Palworld achievements to pursue, so players may abandon them in hopes of returning if more achievements are added in the future (although at the time of writing, only 3% of TrueAchievements members have completed the game). It’s true that the initial boost for new Game Pass titles doesn’t always last long, but Palworld is still in the very early days of its Game Preview infancy with plenty more content to come. The fact that it’s multiplayer also gives it a better chance of longevity than a single-player only game.

It may have been server issues and other game preview issues that caused this drop. If that’s the case, having Xbox help out with dedicated servers and performance improvements could bring players back when the experience improves.

The latest Palworld Xbox patch was released last week, and we’ll keep an eye out for what else Palworld has planned. Do you think Palworld will regain its lost players, or is this the start of a downward trajectory? Let us know in the comments!

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