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PA Race Possibly the ‘most important Senate race in American history’

David McCormick, the apparent frontrunner in the Pennsylvania Republican primary race for the Senate, said Breitbart News Saturday that he is the true, proven candidate for America First, deeply committed to the American dream, to American exceptionalism, and to the nation’s forgotten men and women.

Days before the primary election, McCormick – the current front-runner in the tight Senate race – defended himself as the true America First candidate, explaining that he has been putting America first ever since he was 18, attended West Point and eventually served in the 82nd Airborne. Division.

McCormick praised Trump’s America First agenda, explaining that the president “put his finger on what was happening in America” ​​acknowledging “millions of forgotten Americans” who have been “screwed up by a system that didn’t care for them, and leaders in Washington” who didn’t care for them.

“He said, ‘Hey, that’s a problem. We must have American policies first – pro-growth economic policies, fair trade, energy dominance, [and] a secure border” to help these “forgotten” Americans,” McCormick said.

“I’ve embraced this agenda 100 percent,” he said, adding that his job as a senator would be to “give all Pennsylvanians the opportunity to make sure they have the opportunity to live the American dream that I lived”.

“For most of them, or a lot of them, it’s no longer available. And to fight against this terrible set of weak leaders and woke politics that has rocked our country,” he said, adding that he lived his life as someone “deeply committed to the exceptionalism of the ‘America, deeply committed to ensuring that the American dream is accessible to all Americans.

Trump, McCormick said, “crystallized that agenda.”

Although he supports Trump’s America First agenda, he has not received the president’s endorsement. However, he has had the endorsement of other key figures – from the National Border Patrol Council to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – which he says speaks volumes.

“I think serious people, serious conservatives like Mike Pompeo, like Bob Lighthizer, like Ted Cruz, like Mike Huckabee, or like Rick Santorum … basically say, ‘Who can be a force in Pennsylvania and in the Senate? ‘” McCormick said, explaining that these individuals know he is a “true conservative, that I say what I believe and I will do what I say.” You won’t have to wonder what I’m going to do when I get the job because I said so, and I’ve spent a lifetime and a career acting on the principles that I believe are the most important conservative principles.

And ultimately, the Senate hopeful said, they know he’s a conservative who can win the general election, stressing it’s a “hugely important question” to ask.

The Pennsylvania Senate election, he continued, could be “the most important Senate race in American history, certainly in terms of attention and resources.” [that] are going to focus on that.

Not only do you have to select someone who can win, he said, but Americans want someone who can handle the “complexity of our current crisis.”

“The most serious people” support his campaign, he added, because they see the country slipping away and see him as someone who can tackle tough issues, from China to economic policy, everything. maintaining conservative values.

He also criticized Congress for focusing on $40 billion in aid to Ukraine as America faces its own problems, including a border crisis.

“What offended me about it wasn’t just how it was decided, which seems like an example of the swamp where people aren’t really in charge. We don’t know if the money will go to the right place. But beyond that, the fact that it has been given such urgency and priority when there are so many pressing challenges for Americans that are not being addressed,” he said, adding that Washington had “lost contact”.

Americans must therefore elect legislators who have “clarity of principle” and a dedication to none other than the American people.


As for the state of the race, McCormick said the stakes are high and the race is very close.

“This Senate seat, he’s going to send Chuck Schumer home if we win this seat, and that’s why Chuck Schumer is going to put in all the money he can and they’re going to fight, and you have to be resilient, you you have to be able to build a great team, you have to be able to pull together the resources, because it’s going to be a major, major fight and the future of the country is at stake,” he said, adding that the next senator cannot learn on the job, but must be prepared.

“I will be able to begin work in the United States Senate on day one as someone who can contribute and lead at the highest level to get our country back in the right direction,” he said.

“And if I compare that image, that story, to my opponents, in the case of Mehmet Oz, there’s so much reason to believe that he doesn’t align with the conservative values ​​of Pennsylvania primary voters because of everything he’s said and done in his entire life,” he added, noting Oz’s “anti-Second Amendment stances, his pro-abortion stances, his approach [to] transitions for children’s positions, his pro-Obamacare positions, [and his] anti-fracking position.

“It’s inexplicable,” McCormick said, underscoring his own love for state and country.

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