Our favorite reader reviews, June 2024

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Here are some of the comments that stuck with us over the last month.

Our favorite reader reviews, June 2024

Sometimes letters are above my pay grade.

Sometimes they are worlds apart of my pay grade – and I need to see a licensed mental health expert for more help.

This was the case with a letter last month; this was a person whose wife suffers from mental health issues that affect the whole family.

I was grateful to have the expertise of a McLean Hospital staff member who explained what to do if you are concerned that a partner may be a danger to themselves or others.

Many comments were also wonderfully empathetic and helpful. People talked about possible medical issues that could affect the letter writer’s spouse, other places to go for help, and more.

I hope the letter writer got something out of it. I appreciate this person for writing to me.

Note: The most popular letter of the month with readers – based on page views – was a less intense letter about someone whose partner doesn’t like babies and young children.

You can submit your own question here. This might help someone wondering the same thing.

Below are some of the most notable comments from the month. (We’ll take a brief break from the column at the start of the week with podcast news tomorrow.)

love letters

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