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Oscar-winning filmmaker shows the power of iPhone and the Tilta Khronos ecosystem

Photography and film equipment company Tilta has teamed up with Oscar-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda, ASC, to create The gifta holiday-themed short film shot entirely on iPhone 15 Pro.

“X encapsulates the essence of Christmas, representing the notions of surprise and limitless possibilities. Its objective is to communicate that this exceptional donation serves as a thread of encouragement to individuals of all ages and professions. The aspiration is to motivate people to capture cinematic moments with their loved ones, capturing the beauty of life anytime and anywhere,” says Tilta. “Beyond a simple product showcase, this film launches an invitation to spark creativity, spread joy and cultivate a feeling of conviviality during the end-of-year holidays.”

In addition to working with Miranda, the Chilean filmmaker known for his work on Life of Pi, The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonAnd Top Gun: MaverickTilta also called on production designer Yong Ok Lee, known for her work on Minari, The farewellAnd Marvelous and the black hole.

Claudio Miranda at work on “The X Gift”

The production team used Tilta’s latest product, the Khronos ecosystem, designed for filmmakers using the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. “This cutting-edge technology played a crucial role in making the entire shoot possible,” says Tilta.

The company says its Khronos products allow filmmakers to integrate the latest iPhone Pro models into a high-level professional cinematic workflow. “Leveraging the Tilta-designed Khronos ecosystem, iPhone has the potential to integrate seamlessly into high-level workflows similar to those found in expert productions. Even as a smartphone, it exhibits capabilities that match professional cinema standards, approaching the quality levels of many dedicated cameras,” the company explains.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max pack a lot of impressive cinema-oriented features, including recording ProRes RAW footage directly to a connected SSD and fantastic overall video quality.

“I mean, cameras these days are so simple, whereas in the beginning it was all about film and processing. It was much more of a business. Now people could just pick up their phone and create great content,” says Miranda.

Miranda also highlights the usefulness of Blackmagic’s new Camera app, which provides the color and exposure control the award-winning cinematographer needs.

Gene Nagata of the Potato Jet YouTube channel shot the behind-the-scenes video of The gift and noted that it is difficult to believe the images produced by the latest iPhone models. “If you just look at the screen, it’s very hard to think it’s coming from a phone. Really impressive actually. The first time I really saw ProRes and Log really pushed the limits of a cinematographer. So, it’s really really cool to see how capable these little things are. It definitely makes me rethink the camera I have in my pocket.

It’s truly amazing to see how far smartphone imaging technology has come. Thanks to new apps and accessories, mobile devices have made professional-quality filmmaking more accessible than ever.

Image credits: Tilta

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