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Oregon DMV Fees Set to Increase January 1

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon’s driver’s license, vehicle tags, registration fees and many other DMV service costs are all expected to increase on January 1.

Most service fees will only increase by $3 to $10, but some will more than double. A driving test for non-commercial vehicles (Class C) will cost $9 to $45. The cost of a commercial driving skills test will increase from $70 to $145.

The fee increases are part of House Bill 2100, passed this year by the Oregon Legislature. The bill aims to help the DMV recover costs and avoid service reductions. Most of the gains and service fee increases made by the Oregon DMV over the past 20 years have gone toward statewide transportation projects and not operating costs, according to the Department of Transportation of Oregon (ODOT).

ODOT said the fee increases will help the DMV recover its costs, especially on time-consuming services such as driver testing. Each test costs the DMV $123 to provide the service. The agency says increasing the cost of its services will help close the gap.

“We have a structural funding problem that requires a long-term solution,” said DMV Administrator Amy Joyce. “These fee increases will help us bear the cost burden for a period of time and allow us to continue providing DMV services without much interruption.” We look forward to working with our partners in the Oregon Legislature to identify long-term solutions to our funding challenges.

Here are the DMV fees that will change on January 1:

Driver Transactions: Original Issue

  • Issuance of original ID card, new fee of $47 (currently $44.50)
  • Original Class C (non-commercial) license, new fee of $64 (currently $60)
  • Original Motorcycle or Class C Learner’s License, new $30 fee (currently $23)
  • Original motorcycle approval, new costs $98 (currently $87)
  • Original Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), new fee of $160 (currently $75)
  • Original Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP), new $40 fee (currently $23)

Driver Transactions: Renewals

  • ID card renewal, new fee $43 (currently $40.50)
  • Class C license renewal (non-commercial), new fee $54 (currently $40)
  • Renewal of class C motorcycle learner’s permit or, new fee of $26 (currently $23)
  • Class C with motorcycle endorsement renewal, new fee of $82 (currently $68)
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Renewal, new fee of $104 (currently $61)
  • Commercial Motorcycle Driver’s License (CDL), new fee of $132 (currently $89)

Driver Transactions: Replacements

  • ID card replacement, new $40 fee (currently $39.50)
  • Class C (non-commercial) license replacement, new fee of $30 (currently $26)
  • Replacement of class C motorcycle learner’s permit or, new fee of $30 (currently $26)
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Replacement, New $30 Fee (Currently $26)
  • Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) replacement, new $30 fee (currently $26)

Driver Transactions: Test Fees

  • Class C Knowledge Test, new $7 fee (currently $5)
  • Class C Skills Test, new $45 fee (currently $9)
  • Motorcycle Knowledge Test, new $7 fee (currently $5)
  • Business Knowledge Test (CDL), new $10 fee (currently $10)
  • Commercial Driver Skills Test (CDL), new $145 fee (currently $70)

Driver Transactions: Other Fees

  • All hardship/probationary permits, new $75 fee (currently $50)
  • All reinstatements, new fee of $85 (currently $75)

Vehicle transactions:

  • License plate transfer, new $30 fee (currently $6)
  • Replacement plate/sticker, new costs $12 (currently $5 or $10)
  • VIN inspection, new fee $9 (currently $7)
  • Plate Fee – Simple, new fee $13 (currently $12.50)
  • Plate Fee – Pair, new fee $26 (current $25.50)
  • Recreational trailer and camper for each foot over 10 feet, new fee of $7/foot. + base charge (currently $6.75/ft + base charge)
  • Motorhome over 14 feet for each foot over 10 feet, new fee of $8/foot. + base charge (current $7.50/ft + base charge)
  • Light vehicle travel permit, new fee of $35 (currently $34)
  • Recreational vehicle travel permit. new fee $35 (currently $34)

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