Oprah recalls feeling ‘too fat’ to attend Don Johnson’s Christmas party


I once felt ‘too fat’ for Don Johnson’s Christmas party

Oprah Winfrey says she once didn’t go to a star-studded Christmas party because she felt “too fat” to show her face.

The media mogul opened up about her health journey during Tuesday’s inaugural episode of “The Jamie Kern Lima Show” … recalling the times she felt held back by the public’s perception of her weight.

Oprah says that in 1988 she was invited to Don Johnson…’s Christmas party was a big deal for her at the time, given that he was starring in the hit TV series “Miami Vice.”

She says the invitation came as she was regaining a lot of the weight she’d lost on a liquid diet…and at 157 pounds, she felt “too big” to go mingle.

Oprah had lost 67 pounds and made a big deal about it on her show…rolling around in a cart full of fat to illustrate how much weight she had shredded.

But she says once she started eating solid foods again, the weight came back quickly.

O says she gained 10 pounds in one week in 1988 and by December she was too ashamed to be seen at Hollywood events…like Don’s holiday party.

Oprah also recalls being the butt of fat jokes for 25 years… saying one of the most hurtful moments happened on “In Living Color.”

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