Online Archives of Comedy Central, MTV News, CMT and TV Land Deleted by Paramount Global

In a huge cultural loss reminiscent of degaussing tape incidents in the early days of television, Paramount Global has removed the online archives of ComedyCentral.com, TVLand.com, MTVNews.com and CMT.com from public access.

The move removes a quarter century or more of online content. It is unclear whether the content was saved for future use.

In a statement, a Paramount Global spokesperson said the removals were part of a broader website strategy within Paramount. “We introduced more streamlined versions of our sites, driving fans to Paramount+ to watch their favorite shows.”

Writers, editors and videographers on the sites were apparently not notified of the changes, sparking outrage that their work was disappearing.

Michael Alex, a member of the team that launched MTV News in 1996, posted on Facebook about the decision. “This is a tremendous loss and a waste of something extremely valuable to anyone interested in the history of great music,” he wrote.

The Comedycentral.com website hosted clips of all episodes of The daily show since 1999, and pieces by Stephen Colbert The Colbert reportamong other contents.

A notice on the Comedy Central website states: “Although episodes of most Comedy Central series are no longer available on this website, you can watch Comedy Central through your television provider. You can also subscribe to Paramount+ to watch many seasons of Comedy Central shows. » A similar notice appears on TVLand.com.

SavingCountryMusic.com headlined its article on the takedowns: The eradication of editorial content by CMT and MTV is a catastrophe.

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News Source : deadline.com

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