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On Trader Joe’s Rose Parade 2024 float, the broccoli sings and the carrots sway – Press Enterprise

You have to eat your vegetables. But on New Year’s Day you will also have the opportunity to hear them.

Trader Joe’s will celebrate its employees with its 22nd participation in the Rose Parade.

This year, you’ll see the Fearless Flyer wearing a chef’s hat and leading an orchestra of vegetables with a wooden cooking spoon. There will be the corn playing the saxophone, a choir of broccoli, the four dancing sunflowers, three rocking carrots, two swinging eggplants, a lobster picking an onion bar, an avocado bar and a soup at the front of the float, which will rotate. 360 degrees with a ladle.

All of this is made from materials including hair of corn silk pieces, glasses of large red beans, arms of finely ground green ti leaves and split peas, and a shell of green ti leaves and peas finely ground broken, dark lavender tops, yellow and Kermit green Mamans; pink, orange and light green goblin carnations.

For more than two decades, Trader Joe’s has celebrated its team’s accomplishments and set the tone for the new year with the Monrovia-based company’s participation in the Tournament of Roses.

The Pasadena parade is an ideal stage for the company, given that the neighborhood grocery chain began in Pasadena in 1967.

Look for the 55-foot-long, 25-foot-tall float at No. 58 in the 135th Rose Parade lineup Monday.

The float was made by Phoenix Decorating Company, titled “One one, one two,…one – two – three – Broccoli!” which features a vibrant collection of colorful characters.

Given the 2024 parade’s theme “Celebrating a World of Music,” designers hope to bring music from the kitchen to Colorado Boulevard to celebrate their crew members and customers, said Nakia Rohde, Trader Joe’s public relations manager. .

Since winning Rose Parade’s Animation trophy in 2005, Trader Joe’s has won 13 other awards for its Rose Parade work, including last year’s Wringley Legacy Award.

TJ’s Florets – twelve crew members from across the country – will be there to help ring in the new year.

“This fun float brings together harmonious flavors in concert with dynamic energy to celebrate our customers and crew in every Trader Joe’s neighborhood story,” Rohde said.

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