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On Kirsten Dunst’s Path to Finding Love with Jesse Plemons

But then she read the script for Civil war and, having done no such thing, he immediately engaged in active service.

And when Plemons was a last minute addition to the production, there was no chance that having This a real-life couple on set would add extra drama.

“Because we fell in love on set, we fell in love creatively first,” Dunst said. “I think we’ll always come back to it, in a way that doesn’t involve our real lives at all. And also, look, we don’t talk to each other on set. I left him alone, he left me alone.”

But only during working hours.

“I love working with him,” Dunst added. “The good thing is that we trust each other so much. He sent me a scene from this mini-series he’s working on last night to get my opinion. If I’m having trouble deciding on something, I’ll ask him to read it. I trust his opinion more than anyone, and he cares about me more than anyone.”

Perhaps most importantly, she noted, “We hate the same things.”

That being said, Dunst was even more blown away by his chilling performance “because he’s the nicest person,” she said. Late Night with Seth Meyers in April. “He’s just a really fantastic actor.”

And while Dunst and Meyers are an impressive three out of three when it comes to quality projects as partners, read on to discover other couples who fell in love on set:


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