On January 6, a rioter who attacked cops attacks the judge appointed by Trump after 12 years in prison

WASHINGTON — A Donald Trump supporter who attacked officers during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol while wearing a “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” sweatshirt was sentenced Friday to 12 years in federal prison. attacking the Trump-appointed judge who convicted. him.

Federal prosecutors had sought 14 years in federal prison for Christopher Quaglin, saying the New Jersey man was one of the most violent rioters on Jan. 6 and that he “violently assaulted numerous officers” after calling for the “civil war” and bragged about the storming of the Capitol by armed patriots. .

“At least a dozen times, Quaglin came face-to-face with officers as he yelled, pushed with outstretched arms, punched, punched, and slapped officers; pushed bike racks at officers; and choked even a police officer on the ground,” prosecutors wrote.

Quaglin made a lengthy statement during his sentencing, lashing out at Judge Trevor McFadden after the 12-year sentence was imposed.

“You are Trump’s worst mistake of 2016,” Quaglin told McFadden, a 2017 Trump appointee.

Quaglin’s 12-year sentence is among the longest given to rioters in the nearly three years since the Capitol attack. Federal prosecutors have charged more than 1,400 people and obtained more than 1,000 convictions. While hundreds of defendants were sentenced to probation, more than 500 were sentenced to periods of incarceration ranging from a few days behind bars to 22 years in federal prison.

McFadden said Quaglin, an electrician by training, attacked his “fellow blue-collar Americans” on Jan. 6 while wearing the “stars and stripes” of the United States.

“What a scandal,” McFadden said. “What a disgrace.”

McFadden said it was clear that, unlike some Jan. 6 rioters who were caught up in the moment, Quaglin had planned for this day for some time and had made efforts to bring materials to the Capitol to support his desire to engage in “civil action”. war.” He said Quaglin became a propagandist for the Jan. 6 defendants, spreading lies about the attack and claiming it was essentially peaceful, even though Quaglin knew from his own personal actions that it was not the case.

“You were anything but peaceful that day,” McFadden said. “You are a threat to our society.”

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