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Omicron triggers rise in number of UK infants hospitalized with Covid, figures show | Coronavirus

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The proportion of infants hospitalized with Covid-19 in the UK has increased with the spread of Omicron, figures show, although researchers have called for calm, noting that most cases are very mild.

The number of positive admissions for Covid, whatever the cause, is expected to increase when there are more infections, but the latest figures suggest there has been a change in the proportion of hospitalized children with the disease of coronaviruses that are infants.

Data from the Isaric / Co-CIN study, released Friday by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) and based on a broadly representative subset of NHS hospitals, reveals that in previous waves of Covid, around 30 % of children hospitalized with the virus were less than one year old.

Between mid-December and mid-January, however, when Omicron quickly spread across the country, the proportion was just over 42%, with children in the poorest areas most affected.

Calum Semple, professor of child health and epidemic medicine at the University of Liverpool, said infants usually had very mild symptoms.