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Ohio bar limits patrons to 30 and older for select nights – NBC Chicago

An Ohio bar is changing its age restrictions in an effort to keep younger patrons away on certain nights.

Donerick’s Pub in Groveport, just outside Columbus, Ohio, announced this month that it would only allow patrons ages 30 and older into the bar on Friday and Saturday nights.

“No exceptions,” read a review from the bar.

In response to questions from customers, the bar said the decision was made for safety reasons.

“The amount of customers we gained on weekends forced us to make adjustments for safety reasons. Ensuring the safety of our customers is our top priority! the bar wrote.

He also noted that different strategies would be tested to “ensure the security of our activities and reduce violence.”

Details about the violent incidents, if any, were not immediately clear.

While many commentators applauded the move, or even suggested raising the age limit to 35 or 40, others expressed disappointment with the policy.

“I’m 25 and all my friends are under 30. We come here for the good mood. It’s sad that an incident affected the entire company and did not allow us to maintain good activity,” commented a Facebook user.

NBC Chicago

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