NYC man fed up with porch pirates lures thief with fake parcels

Security camera footage shows the moment a suspected porch pirate walked into a Queens homeowner’s trap by trying to steal a fake package deliberately left on the front porch.

Carlos Mejia said he was “done” with thieves stealing his packages and decided to take matters into his own hands last week by leaving “decoy packages” outside his door in a bid to catch l one of the bandits in the act.

“I was just trying to set an example for people who do the same thing…steal from others,” Mejia told Storyful.

Queens homeowner Carlos Mejia was seen in a video threatening a suspected porch pirate with a baseball bat on Saturday. @Losmej31/TikTok

Video from Mejia’s home security system shows a man entering his yard Saturday, approaching the front porch, grabbing a box and trying to put it in his backpack.

At that point, Mejia, visibly angry, storms out of his house brandishing a baseball bat.

“Oh, shit, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, I just didn’t want anyone to take it, bro!” exclaims the terrified suspect.

“What do you have in there?” » asks Mejia, to which the alleged thief brazenly claims that the item in the bag belongs to him.

“You can have it all, brother,” shouts the threatened man with the bat.

Police were called and arrested the suspected porch pirate, identified as 30-year-old Victor Stazzone. He faces charges of petit larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and criminal trespass.

New York Post

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