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Norway bow and arrow attack: suspect converted to Islam, police fear radicalization, officials say

A 37-year-old Danish citizen who lived in Norway has been arrested and charged for the attack, but police have not disclosed the charges he faces.

“Police have been in contact with the man before, not least because of previous concerns about radicalization,” Sæverud said.

Four women and a man were killed in the attack on the town of Kongsberg.

“We have information on the five people who died. There are four women and one man, no one has yet been formally identified. It will take some time. They are all between 50 and 70 years old,” Sæverud said at the time. of a press conference.

A timeline of events on Wednesday revealed that only 35 minutes elapsed between the first reports to police of a man shooting with a bow and arrows and the arrest of the suspect.

King Harald of Norway expressed his condolences in a short message to the mayor of Kongsberg, stating that “the rest of the nation is with you”.

“We sympathize with the loved ones and the injured in grief and despair,” he said. “And we think of all those affected in Kongsberg who have gone through that their safe local environment has suddenly become a dangerous place. It shakes us all when horrible things happen near us, when we least expect it, at the middle of everyday life in the open air. street. “


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