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“No subject should be banned, the world has become too censored”

As an actor, I think I don’t want to be censored. I think nothing is off limits and I think the current social climate and temperament started a long time ago with Norman Lear taking the pulse many years ago.

The world has become too censored. There are three dogs I have in this fight. As a comedian, I don’t want to be censored. As a trans woman, I want equality. And as a black person, I want fair treatment in this country that we have been striving for for 400 years. So everything is important to me.

Everything you can and can’t say is ridiculous. Comedians are put on earth and our safest place on the planet is also on a stage with an audience ready to listen. We say things that others are afraid to say and we say them, hopefully, in a fun way so that you use your own mind to do your own critical thinking and think for yourself.

“I absolutely don’t think the special should be taken off Netflix or anything for that matter with Netflix. Here’s what needs to be done, we need to get people to the table, ”Monroe said. “What Dave did, what a great Dave Chapelle just did, was open a forum to have a real conversation between the heterosexual community and the gay community. There is no subject that should be banned. In the words of a great poet Nikki Giovanni, “I have never worked in a room where the door is locked.”

Flame Monroe, at the 29th Annual DIVAS Simply Singing on World AIDS Day at the Taglyan Cultural Complex in Los Angeles, California on December 1, 2019. Credit Faye Sadou / MediaPunch / IPX

Monroe’s support for Dave Chappelle follows that of black comedian / actor Damon Wayans, who triumphantly said that The closest freed comedians from the slavery of political correctness.

“I really feel like Dave freed the slaves… we [comedians] were slaves to PC culture and he, you know, as an artist… he was trying to tell us everything was fine, ”Wayans told TMZ this week.

Take a look below:

“I just think [Chappelle’s] saying ‘with everything I have, I’m not afraid of losing it for the sale of free speech,’ ”he added. “You can’t, you know, edit yourself. Comedians, we’re like, uh — Mercedes makes a great car, but they have to crush a lot of them before they can perfect them.

Despite the outrage of left-wing radicals, including those in his own business, Netflix has backed Dave Chappelle, with co-CEO Ted Sarandos defending the comedian’s right to artistic expression. In a challenge, transgender employees at Netflix have staged a company-wide walkout next week demanding that the special be removed from the platform.

“Trans lives matter. Trans rights issue. And as an organization, Netflix has still not been very careful in our mission to entertain the world by repeatedly posting content that harms the trans community and continually failing to create content that represents and elevate trans content, ”the group said in a statement.