Nintendo is working hard to prevent future leaks

Nintendo is working hard to prevent future leaks
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Nintendo’s annual general meeting of shareholders has ended. Among questions about the company’s plans for the future, its partnerships and broader technical concerns, one participant asked about Nintendo’s approach to information leaks and what preventative measures it is taking. takes for the future.

According to Nintendo’s response, the company worked with specialists to diagnose any potential security issues and introduced a new internal “information security management” system to prevent future leaks. This is accompanied by repeated training of employees on good information processing practices.

The full response (found below) was shared on Twitter by @NStyles. Keep in mind that some terms may differ until we get the official translation from Nintendo.

Q: Regarding information security measures, KADOKAWA was recently attacked and was unable to broadcast Nintendo Direct on Niconico Live Broadcasting.
There was also a story that an insider leaked information to YouTube.
I would like to know what kind of investments you make and what measures you have put in place regarding information security.

A: We are aware of the specific issues reported by the media and other sources.
We work with specialist companies to diagnose information security and take various other measures.
The company has introduced information security management as part of its internal information security system and is also working on further training of employees.

Although no names were specifically mentioned, one would assume that the case in question involves the famous leaker “Pyoro”, who recently locked his Twitter account after claiming that his source worked for Nintendo.

Elsewhere in the Nintendo Q&A, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed his concerns about his role at the company changing as he gets older. Shinya Takahashi also spoke about the increasing periods of game development, confessing that he wants to “create fun and entertaining games in a short period of time”, but that “the duration of development is inevitable due to the advancement of consoles games “.

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