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Nikki Haley Says Trump Will Raise Taxes, Go Soft on Russia in New Ad

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s campaign is adding $2 million to its South Carolina advertising plans and airing a new TV ad claiming Donald Trump would raise taxes and enable a “Russian victory.”

The additional funds will bring Haley’s previously announced $4 million ad buy to $6 million by the Feb. 24 South Carolina primary.

The new 30-second spot, titled “More Chaos” and first shared with NBC News, takes direct aim at Trump, including remarks and themes that Democrats have also used against the former president.

A narrator says, “The chaos around him is bad enough. But what does Trump actually say he will do when in office?

The new ad then highlights Trump’s proposal to impose 10% tariffs on commercial imports: “A 10% across-the-board tax increase.” Another record debt.

Trump first raised a potential 10% tariff on imports in August, saying: “I think when companies come and sell their products in the United States, they should automatically pay, let’s say, a tax of 10%. »

The Biden administration was quick to criticize the plan, with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warning that Trump’s plan to raise tariffs would increase costs for U.S. consumers.

“It would certainly increase the cost of a wide variety of goods that American businesses and consumers depend on,” Yellen told reporters. She added: “In some cases I think the rates are appropriate. »

In addition to tariffs, Haley’s new spot centers around Trump’s recent comments on NATO. At a rally in South Carolina, Trump said he would let Russia do “whatever it wants” to NATO countries that aren’t paying enough.

“A Russian victory that will lead to more wars,” says the narrator of Haley’s ad. “With a world on fire and a domestic crisis, with Trump, it’s even more chaos.”

Haley said on the campaign trail that Trump’s comments “put every service member at risk; he put all countries in danger.

Haley spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas said: “With a world on fire and a crisis at home, America cannot afford the chaos and unbalanced policies of Donald Trump. »

The increase in ad buys comes amid increased online fundraising around Haley’s jabs at Trump — and after Haley’s campaign manager, Betsy Ankney, recently said the campaign had the resources “to go far”. The campaign has already run $3.4 million in ads in South Carolina since the New Hampshire primary, according to AdImpact. But Haley remains significantly behind in public polls.

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