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“Nightmare in the kitchen”: with Philippe Etchebest, restaurateurs from Plougonver experienced an “emotional lift” – Guingamp

The shoot in a nutshell? ” Intense ! », Admits Alexandra Knecht with a sigh. She and her husband Vincent, owners of the restaurant Le Kerado in Plougonver (22), remember the four days when they hosted the teams of the M6 ​​program “Cauchemar en cuisine”.

Elastic schedules

“The first day I was there at 6:30 am and finished at midnight. Second day, we did 10 am-11pm, ”explains Vincent. The pace then eased, but “it could be anytime. We were at their disposal, ”explains Alexandra. We had to adapt to the theatrical side of the shoot and the repetition of the gestures. “It’s still funny and interesting to do”, relativizes the boss of Kerado. He remembers the “emotional lift” when he met Michelin-starred chef Philippe Etchebest, without being able to say more.

“We will play all our marbles on it”

The broadcast date is not yet known, but the restaurant couple hope to have a positive impact as early as September. “We will play all our marbles on that,” says Vincent Knecht. Weakened by covid-19, Le Kerado is struggling to bring people to the village of 700 inhabitants. The compulsory health pass will not help matters: “It will be even worse. Half of my regular customers are not vaccinated, ”laments the restaurant owner. “If people don’t come to eat, there will be no future. “