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Nigel Farage’s return is Sunak’s worst nightmare – POLITICO

Farage revealed he would be standing in the Clacton constituency in Essex, on the east coast of England. He said he had changed his mind the day before, when he “went to the pub” to think about the matter and realized he felt a “terrible sense of guilt”.

He declared that “nothing is working” in Britain and that it was up to him to lead a “political revolt”. He also announced that he would succeed Richard Tice as leader of the new Brexiteer party, Reform UK, for the next five years.

The reform is the successor to Farage’s previous electoral vehicle, the Brexit Party, which stood aside by hundreds of seats in the 2019 election to help the Conservatives, then led by eurosceptic Boris Johnson.

His decision to take a different approach to Sunak’s Tories is the Prime Minister’s worst nightmare.

Explosive announcement

Farage’s stunning move came between two major polls showing the Conservatives would be heavily hit in the next election.

A poll of 50,000 people by YouGov reveals that Labor is on course for a bigger victory than Tony Blair achieved in 1997, with the party forecasting to take 422 seats in the 650-seat British parliament, reducing the Conservatives to just 140 seats. A second More in Common poll of 15,000 voters predicts a Labor majority of 114, while the Conservatives will fall to 180.


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