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NH mother restrains rabid fox after it bites daughter

Local News

The mother and daughter are expected to be fine after receiving prompt medical attention.


A New Hampshire woman physically restrained a rabid fox until first responders arrived after it bit her 4-year-old child, officials said.

The fox, which was euthanized at the scene, later tested positive for rabies, Hollis police said in a news release. The mother and daughter received medical treatment and are expected to be well.

Police responded to the incident on Truell Road in Hollis, New Hampshire around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. It was reported that a child was bitten by a fox and the mother was physically holding him down, “preventing further harm to the child or bystanders,” police said.

Officers euthanized the fox on the scene because it showed “clear signs of illness and aggression,” according to police.

The fox tested positive for rabies after being tested by New Hampshire conservation officers.

Rabies, which is almost always fatal to animals and humans once symptoms appear, is spread from animals to humans through bites or scratches, according to the CDC. Rabies treatment is almost 100% effective if administered soon after exposure.

Hollis Police Chief Brendan LaFlamme said the department received several calls from people criticizing the fox’s euthanasia.

“As police chief, I support the officers’ actions,” LaFlamme said in a statement. “They acted quickly and professionally to secure the scene so that the injured four-year-old could receive the care she needed.”

“Their actions prevented further injury to people and animals, slowed the spread of this disease, and ended animal suffering.” »

Press release: For immediate release. Please read until the end. As Chief of Police, I support the actions of our officers…

Posted by the Hollis Police Department on Thursday, May 16, 2024


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