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New York mayor restricts bus arrivals to stem migrant influx

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) issued an emergency order that restricts bus arrivals in the city in an effort to curb the influx of migrants as more people seek asylum are sent by bus from Texas.

Adams requires bus operators who know they are transporting migrants to the city with fares paid “by a third party” to provide notice at least 32 hours before their scheduled arrival.

Operators must provide the number of passengers on board their bus and the number of passengers who will require emergency shelter and “other immediate services” upon arrival. It also asks operators to provide the number of passengers who are children, according to the decree published Wednesday.

Bus drivers must also provide their name and information about the bus “that might help City employees identify the bus,” and they can only drop off passengers at designated locations during specific hours.

Adams has been sounding the alarm since last spring about what he said was an influx of more than 160,000 asylum seekers into the city. He criticized the Biden administration and called for federal help to manage the crisis.

New York’s mayor joined Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston (D) Wednesday in calling for federal help to handle the influx of migrants sent to their cities by the Texas governor Greg Abbott (right).

Abbott has chartered buses and flights for thousands of migrants from Texas to primarily Democratic cities to protest the Biden administration’s handling of increased immigration at the southern border.

“New York City has begun to see a new wave of migrants arriving, and we expect this to intensify in the coming days due to the cruel and inhumane policies of Texas Governor Abbott,” Adams said in a press release this week.

Since October 2022, a state of emergency has been declared in the city due to an “unprecedented humanitarian crisis”.

The latest order says passengers were dropped off at random locations throughout Manhattan without informing city officials, saying this “hinders the city’s ability to manage this humanitarian crisis.” Last month, more than 14,700 migrants arrived in the city.

Adams said 14 “rogue buses” arrived from Texas in a single night last week, marking the highest one-day total recorded by city officials. The mayor said the executive order will help the city handle incoming migrants “in an orderly manner.”

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