New York couple claims they recovered $100,000 in cash from a safe while they were magnet fishing: ‘Finders keepers’

Guns, bombs and WWII artifacts discovered during magnet fishing in Michigan

Guns, bombs and WWII artifacts discovered during magnet fishing in Michigan


A New York couple known on social media for their magnet fishing exploits in local waterways say they recently discovered an unexpected discovery: a safe containing two stacks of waterlogged hundred-dollar bills .

James Kane and Barbie Agostini, who have chronicled various magnet fishing finds on their YouTube channel, told Spectrum News NY1 on Saturday that after retrieving a muddy safe from a Queens pond on Friday , they were shocked to find stacks of hundred dollar bills. estimated value of $100,000.

“I said ‘Baby, there’s no fucking way, ‘a few profanities’… and we took it out and it was like two stacks of fucking hundreds,” Kane told the station. “Big batteries.”

The video shows the couple’s muddy discovery – along with partially disintegrated hundred dollar bills inside.

Kane, who said the couple had already found many old safes, said he thought they would only find empty plastic bags usually containing money – and was stunned to find real money inside.

Agostini said she thought Kane was joking when he announced the contents of the safe.

“Once I saw the real dollars…and the security ribbons, I lost them,” she said.

Kane said they contacted the NYPD because he thought there might be “legalities” involved. Because the owner of the safe, which was likely stolen, could not be identified, Kane and Agostini said police allowed them to keep the stash saturated.

“I guess the finders and keepers rule worked for us,” Kane said.

Unfortunately, the bills were “soggy” and “pretty much destroyed,” Kane said.

CBS News has contacted the NYPD for comment.

Kane told NY1 that he and Agostini started magnet fishing because they were bored during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We call it the poor man’s treasure hunt,” he told the station.

Kane said they recovered everything from World War II grenades and 19th century weapons to a motorcycle and a purse containing foreign coins, pearls and gold jewelry. Their YouTube channel chronicling their adventures has over 4,000 subscribers and around 1.4 million views.

Fishermen with magnets have made other surprising discoveries in recent months. In May, a magnet fisherman brought in a human skull padlocked to an exercise dumbbell on a New Orleans waterway.

In April, someone used a magnet to fish for metal objects in a Georgia creek took out a gun as well as some lost belongings from a couple killed in the same area almost ten years ago.

In March, magnet fishermen pulled a unexploded ordnance of the Charles River in Massachusetts. A few days before, another we found one in the same area, CBS News Boston reported.


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