New Match Point Brewing opens in Albany, celebrating tennis and Asian-inspired beer

Match Point Brewing, a local brewery run by two doubles tennis partners dabbling in Asian flavors, has opened its long-awaited tasting room in Albany.

The taproom, which occupies the former Albany Taproom space on San Pablo Avenue, is snuggled up against 310 Eatery which offers its Los Angeles-style street food menu of burgers and dim sum.

Match Point founders Simon Chen and Johnny Weng are tennis enthusiasts and beer enthusiasts, whose main brewery is in Concord. The duo specializes in making beers that celebrate Asian cuisine and ingredients, both traditional and modern. On the menu right now, for example, Tiebreaker Series Jasmine Rice Lager, Buzzer Beater Mandarin Wheat Ale and a five-spice saison, Heritage.

Match Point also offers drinks from other producers, like a Vietnamese coffee lager (using ingredients from Brisbane’s Little Green Cyclo Coffee) and a koji and rice lager called Kojiscapes from San Jose’s Fox Tale Fermentation. And because no taproom can exist without a bucket of hops these days, Match Point offers IPAs like Gilman Brewing’s Bad Tattoo and Epidemic Ales’ Pineapple Upside Down Cake. There are also flights, to-go cans, and soft drinks like Red Bull, Wang Lao Ji herbal tea, and Partake Brewing peach gose.

310 Eatery’s menu is quite extensive, but the kitchen is particularly known for its Godzilla-proportioned burgers, like the 405 Traffic Jam with a mix of short ribs and bacon, breaded portobello mushrooms, crispy onions, dipped pastrami , jalapenos and kalbi aioli. , served on brioche. There’s also a range of classic dim sum dishes like har gow (shrimp dumplings) and pork shu mai, as well as “Then Sum” bites such as tamarind-seasoned shishito peppers, pop crab cakes -corn and chicken knee cartilage fried with salt and pepper.

Tennis-themed Match Point Brewing, specializing in beers with Asian flavors, opened in Albany in May 2024. Pictured: some
Tennis-themed brewery Match Point Brewing, specializing in Asian-flavored beers, opened in Albany in May with food, like this “late-night dim sum” from 310 Eatery. (Alex McCutcheon/SpiderPlant Media)

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