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New Kensington couple marry at UPMC St. Margaret to ensure mother of groom can attend – CBS Pittsburgh

NEW KENSINGTON (KDKA) – A couple from New Kensington said ‘Yes’ in a rather unusual location.

Everything to ensure that the mother of the groom could attend.

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As they expected prompt service from her bedside, they quickly realized that no detail would be overlooked.

Chaz Wilburn and Amanda Gould only have 11 days of marital bliss.

“It was incredible, more incredible than I could have thought,” said Amanda.

“Honestly, it feels like we’re living well,” Chaz added.

The couple’s walk down the aisle took a detour when Chaz’s mother found herself in the hospital, unable to speak.

Then Chaz had an idea.

What if the two got married at UPMC St. Margaret’s Hospital with Mum as a witness.

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“Chaz is very rarely speechless and every time Bailey called it was the social worker who put the whole plan in motion, he stammered and stumbled, it was so funny,” Amanda recalls. “She was just a social worker,” she asked, “she passed the question on and it turned into a big, amazing thing.”

These two social workers transformed into wedding planners; reserve the hospital chapel, burn glasses of champagne and mark a cake.

“The cake was beautiful, it was a two-tiered cake, it was huge and it was beautiful,” Amanda said.

“Delicious too because I don’t like cakes, I’m not a cake lover,” Chaz said with a laugh.

They even had mom make up, with makeup, hair and a nice dress.

“They got their hair done and brought her down and moved the chapel so it was easy for them to get her in there, it was so perfect,” Amanda said.

Chaz and Amanda can now call each other husband and wife, and they will forever call the two hospital workers, Bailey and Sondra, friends.

“They took their time, their effort, their money and people volunteered, I don’t think the disease ever goes away, my honeymoon is a high point in life,” Chaz said.

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Chaz also said that while her mother couldn’t communicate with words at the moment, they could see the joy on her face as she certainly knew she was included.


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