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New Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire toys start hitting store shelves

Following the announcement of Hasbro’s lawsuit The True Classics of Ghostbusters Kenner and a teaser for the launch of a new toy planned for next month, Ghostbusters News just learned of this out of the blue. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire action figures began appearing on toy shelves.

First spotted by @keymaster_art of the Austin Ghostbusters fan franchise group, the line continues Hasbro’s 2021 retro style. Scary Characteristics (not to be confused with Features of Kenner Classics Fright), consisting of the Spengler family: Phoebe, Trevor and Callie, alongside Gary Grooberson, each figure including an attachable Proton pack and a unique ghost companion.

Looking at the details, Trevor’s silhouette appears to have been reused from the Scary Characteristics line, paired with the must-have Slimer figure, while Phoebe features a new head sculpt and uses the previously available Lucky body, her pack-in being a pretty bad-ass skeleton to the bone. The Callie and Garry toys will be the first time either has created an action figure and while none of the body sculpts are exclusive to the character, they do include entirely new ghosts.

True to the Phantoms, this time around they will forgo the previously used Fright features, instead using Ecto-Stretch technology, allowing fans to easily “slim” their figures!

A new interactive toy, the Squash & Squeeze Slimer. Judging by what’s shown, pressing the mouth or, as the box suggests, mashing or squeezing the potato will trigger one of over forty sounds. The scale appears to be around 5-6″ with articulation appearing in the arms.

Although we have already received several reports of detections in several locations, we must emphasize that in all cases these came from independent toy stores. So far, we have yet to hear of anyone finding them at a big box retailer, such as Walmart or Target. We’ll continue to follow the story ahead of the next Hasbro toy launch scheduled for next month, so stay tuned to Ghostbusters News and our YouTube channel for future updates.

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