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Cat lovers thrilled to see a feline in the White House may not have to wait much longer.

“She’s waiting backstage,” First Lady Jill Biden said in an interview she and President Joe Biden had Friday with “Today” host Craig Melvin.

Melvin was a little skeptical.

“Major Biden, who clearly struggled to adjust to life in the White House, is now going to have to fight a cat in the White House too?” He asked.

Major, one of the Bidens’ dogs, has made headlines in recent months after two occasions he bit White House staff. In either case, Major did not break the skin or cause serious injury, but the incidents raised enough concern that the dog was signed up for private off-site training.

But Major is now back in the White House, Jill Biden said, adding that her training involved interacting with cats, including visiting an animal shelter.

“And he did well,” she said.

His first dog, Champ, who is older, has largely remained out of the press since Biden took office, aside from a few bizarre attacks from the right, as well as a mysterious poop incident in which the two dogs were possible suspects.

The Bidens first said a cat could join them at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in November. The pet is said to be the first White House cat since the presidency of George W. Bush, who along with several dogs had a black cat named India “Willie”. Previously, the Clinton family had been joined in the White House by Socks, a black and white cat, a former stray who allegedly jumped into the arms of Chelsea Clinton in Arkansas.


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