New film “Predator” with Elle Fanning

EXCLUSIVE: After announcing that the studio would develop its Predator universe earlier this year, 20th Century and Dan Trachtenberg’s upcoming standalone pic Badlands seems to be gaining momentum with some serious star power. Sources close to Deadline say Elle Fanning is in negotiations to star in the film under Trachtenberg’s direction. Trachtenberg co-wrote the screenplay with Patrick Aison.

The 20th century made no comment.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, other than the fact that it will feature everyone’s favorite alien big-game hunter. There’s also no word on release plans as the latest film streamed exclusively on Hulu (breaking numerous viewership records for the streamer), but given that the 20th century is back in the theatrical game with films like The bogeyman and the next Extraterrestrial: Romulus film released in theaters, a theatrical premiere is not ruled out.

Deadline reported earlier this year that when Prey Premiering in the summer of 2022, it not only broke streaming records for Hulu, but also earned some of the best reviews in franchise history, resulting in a Best Picture nomination at this year’s Emmys. year. Since this successful relaunch, 20th Century has sought to not only move forward with another film, but also expand a universe led by Trachtenberg.

While Prey featured a cast of relative unknowns and rising stars like Amber Midthunder, executives and Trachtenberg wanted to try and land an established star for this new standalone picture and began meeting with talent. Insiders close to the project say Fanning is a fan of the franchise and once executives caught wind of her interest, they decided to set up a meeting with her and Trachtenberg. After this meeting between the two, Fanning was on board and once the deal was done, the momentum should pick up with the hope of turning later. year.


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As for a sequel to Prey, sources say that although it is still in its early stages, a Prey 2 is still in preparation to return to the original setting of the film and with Prey star, Amber Midthunder, could return. Sources point out that no talent is attached to this film, but the interesting element is that even though there have been seven films featuring the infamous alien, there has never been an instance where the star of a previous film returned to reprise his role.

Fanning is no stranger to battling alien lifeforms as she got her first big break in JJ Abrams’ sci-fi pic Super 8. Fanning just finished the final season of Great, which earned her an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Catherine the Great.

Then she can be seen in Bob Dylan’s photo A complete stranger, where she will play Sylvie Russo opposite Timothée Chalamet who plays Dylan. She is repped by UTA, TFC Management and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller.

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News Source : deadline.com

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