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New evidence in the death of Ellen Greenberg, a Philadelphia teacher found stabbed 20 times – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Eyewitness News reveals new evidence in the death of a Philadelphia teacher, more than a decade ago, when she was found stabbed 20 times.

Ellen Greenberg’s family and their lawyer will appear before a city judge on Friday to claim her death was homicide, not suicide.

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Greenberg was a beloved teacher who worked at Juniata Park Academy.

“Ellen was a very, very good caring person,” said Josh Greenberg, Ellen’s father.

But her parents say her life was cut short to just 27 years after she was found dead in her Manayunk apartment with more than 20 stab wounds to the body in 2011.

Today, a decade later, Greenberg’s parents are still pushing the Philadelphia medical examiner’s office to change the way it dies from suicide to homicide.

“We want justice for our daughter,” said Josh Greenberg.

In 2020, Greenberg’s family attorney showed footage from Eyewitness News which he said proved that Ellen could not have stabbed herself 20 times.

Now, this testimony from a city-hired medical expert reveals testimony that corroborates these images, according to Greenberg family attorney Joe Podraza.

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“In this neuropathologist’s best determination, Ellen was not alive when she was stabbed,” Podraza said.

The deposition is that of neuropathologist Lyndsey Emery, who was hired by Philadelphia to examine Ellen Greenberg’s spinal cord a few years ago.

Emery first revealed his findings in Podraza.

“What’s important here is that there is no bleeding,” Emery said.

“And in your experience, no bleeding can be equated with the death of the person at the time of the administration of the trauma?” asked Podraza.

“Yeah, I mean, in general, no bleeding means no pulse,” Emery replied.

“People without a pulse don’t repeatedly stab themselves. So in itself that establishes that suicide is absolutely impossible in this case, ”Podraza said. “And not only warrants but requests, change the death certificate from suicide to homicide or cannot be determined for further investigation.”

“It corroborates what we have always thought. It was not suicide. It was vicious, ”said Josh Greenberg.

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This deposition video will be the focus of Friday’s hearing in a Philadelphia courtroom as Greenberg’s family and their lawyer fight to change the way he dies from suicide to homicide.