New Denver Restaurants to Try Before Summer Ends

There’s only a week to go until we’re officially (allowed) to crave Pumpkin Spice, Apple Pie, and Oktoberfests. So we thought we would take the opportunity to recommend taking advantage of those last days of summer – and hopefully the last days of hellish temperatures – in some weather-appropriate locations. Opt for tropical cocktails, grilled meats or iced coffees and cold desserts. And refuel before the snow starts.

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A Red Barber rooftop area overlooks the downtown Denver skyline. (Supplied by From the hip photo)

For the views

Take the elevator to The Barber Red on the roof of the new CatBird Hotel on Walnut Street in Denver. You will walk outside to what looks like an entire city block in the sky, filled with nooks and views and an indoor-outdoor bar. Take a seat with a view of the skyline or a secluded seating area for your group. Dining options consist mostly of skewers to share – grilled zucchini, bulgogi beef, octopus and shrimp – as well as barbecue ribs and chilled shrimp lettuce cups. House cocktails are available in individual servings or in buckets, which contain six-packets of margaritas, daiquiris and more.

3770 Walnut Street, 720-707-4040,

New Denver Restaurants to Try Before Summer Ends

Supplied by Hip Photo

Red Barber, the rooftop restaurant at the new CatBird Hotel, offers a menu consisting mostly of grilled kebabs, with meat and vegetarian options.

For an iced coffee

Seek out the sweet novelty Cafe Ti on Broadway for Vietnamese coffee sua da (iced coffee with condensed milk), sparkling lychee soda, and banh cam sesame balls filled with red beans, mung beans or taro inside. Sisters Sashaline, Shominic, and Shasitie Nguyen opened the hallway-sized boutique this summer, and months later it looks like the freshest concept of the season. Experience a mixed art installation, intimate counter service, and pop culture-like food and drink in a mug – try a chewy flan atop cafe sua da and mochi ‘snow skin’ moon cakes filled with watermelon taro paste.

30 N. Broadway, 720-940-6663,

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