New Chrome mobile shortcuts let you call a restaurant from your address bar

Google has added new Chrome Actions to mobile that will let you call, read reviews, or get directions to a restaurant or other business, right from the address bar. The company announced the new feature in a blog post on Wednesday.

Android users will see this new feature immediately, but iOS users will have to wait until fall.

A screenshot of the new Chrome Action shortcuts.
Image: Google

First launched in 2020, Google Actions lets you quickly complete tasks from the address bar by entering select queries, such as “change passwords”, “delete history” or ” Translate this page “. This is one of the few address bar shortcuts offered by Google, like the “@” shortcut that allows you to quickly find bookmarks, tabs, and links in your history.

Along with the new Chrome Stocks, Google has also added a few other Chrome updates, including live sports maps in Chrome’s Discover feed. The feature allows iOS and Android to receive automatic updates on their favorite sports teams and can be customized. Additionally, iOS users will also now see trending search suggestions in their Chrome address bar when clicked from the New Tab page.

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